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Schizophrenia & Psychosis

Jul 20 2017, 21:07
  • Elrohir97 Newbie

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    First time posting on this site, so here I go. I don't react to other people's feeling, and my state of mind is apparently showing through at school. I laugh uncontrollably, probably because of my antidepressants (I'm not full blown depressed. I just have these crying spells because I'm so angry at people's stupidity and don't want to get in trouble for hurting people). Well, back to the laughing, my teacher in formed me that, "You're really going to insult someone one day for laughing too much." And then she had the gall to say it was from anxiety! This really ticked me off, because I do believe in constructive criticism and this woman had no reason to address this 'behavioral trait'. There was nothing for her to gain, and I've learned over the year that she is a digger and a very sensitive person who doesn't even want to know what she's searching for. I'm pressed for time to get my school work done in eight days ans she's been digging into why I've been having 'crying spells' lately. The only truth that she doesn't want to hear is that, yes, I do laugh at inappropriate times. I laughed at a funeral, genuinely, because the speaker was expressing his grief by telling an old funny story, and I laughed out loud so hard. I feel disgusted at people when they get weepy for no apparent reason at church. I do not love people. I feel very contempt with my kitty and tell him that I love him, but I do not say it to people. Well, maybe rarely, so they don't bother me about it anymore. Also, I'm in cosmetology and get the craziest power trip when I'm cutting people's hair. Well, that's the truth that my nosy teacher is digging up, and I'm not sure if I should get help, because it's affecting my school/job life, or just try harder and stop being happy all the time. I only have eight days left, but I'm also VERY behind on sign-offs, that SHE has to give!
  • Pumba Contributor

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    Jul 23 2018, 21:13
    I personally think your fine I'm not a licenced therapist but the fact that you have the job or are in school seems like you must have a good head on your shoulders people will always complain about something I used to be a very happy person until I allowed society to tell me that I shouldn't always be so happy now I can't seem to grasp happiness for the life of me I'm a man btw so society is much more to tell a man that he should be macho etc. bt like I said if u are generally that happy and love to laugh like I "used" to then don't let anyone take that from you once I stopped now people are complaining that I'm too serious smh you really can't please everyone and now I myself am stuck in this constant black hole of sadness trust me you don't wanna be like that please get back to me I would greatly appreciate it
    • carolina's Contributor

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      Sep 15 2018, 00:54
      Pumba, first off I missed etiquette class big time. Home & school. I hope you get your sign offs. Etiquette has it's true place. I'm working on mine, best of life to you.

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