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Guilty Over Good Family and Job

Family & Relationships

Jan 16 2019, 14:18
  • Kate Newbie

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    I come from a very close and loving family. My boyfriend's relationship with his parents is strained at best and tumultuous at worst. I've worked very hard at my job for the past 13 years and make a pretty decent living at it. My boyfriend's job doesn't pay very well, and his boss can be quite difficult. He resents me for having a good relationship with my family and for having a good job. He has even gone so far as to tell me I only have my job because I'm a female and because of the way I look. I just got a raise, and I'm afraid to even tell him about it because I'm afraid it's just one more thing he'll resent me for. I don't want him to be bitter at me. I really have worked hard for it, but I just can't take yet another thing upsetting him. Any advice on how to approach it?

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