Online Therapy

Online personal therapy is a private alternative which is modeled into a professional online therapy site which allows professionals to practice online therapy allowing you the luxury of meeting with your selected therapist online in the comfort of your own home. You can expect from online therapy the same level of care, professionalism, wonderful advice and guidance as your experience would be with an in-person counsellor. Your online therapist will use multiple online communication tools that are used during your online counselling sessions. Including: Email, Gmail chat, Skype, videoconferencing, blogs, or even online support groups. Online therapy focuses their expertise and use only the most secure form of online communication to ensure privacy and effective counselling.

How does Online Therapy work?

Online therapy allows you to communicate with your counsellor though an encrypted email system which will store all your information including a secure registry with your personal contact information. Registration is free and easy yet please allow yourself time to describe to your online therapist your concerns, fears, and most importantly your goals. Your own personal online therapist will contact you within the first 48 hours. You will need to log into an online therapy site to receive and read all your therapists messages. Research that has been done by professionals indicates there is no difference of client satisfaction to online therapy compared to in-person sessions.

Online Therapy Advantages

Online Therapy provides clients with a handful of advantages in terms of choosing the right counsellor and therapist. While considering online therapy take into consideration how we will eliminate the time taken out of your day to physically drive to an office. Online therapy will eliminate any kind of overhead which clients have to normally pay for. Online therapy can offer great levels of privacy and security and special advantages for fast emergency guidance and assistance. There is no right or wrong answer to these questions but reflecting on how busy the average person daily; we feel trying a free session of online therapy would influence how appropriate and convenient your needs will be met. If you go to a therapist.s office you usually spend about 55-60 minutes discussing your personal concerns, goals, and working to form innovative solutions. This is a therapy session. We must emphasize your online therapy session with your counsellor will be the exact same. Online counsellors will spend roughly the same time communicating a prompt in-depth response not wasting anytime to assist in your needs. There is no doubt that your online therapist has given you the amount of time at you deserve. It is not possible for your online therapist to stop the session earlier without you knowing it. No driving and no down time; online therapy takes care of all your personal needs all in the comfort of your own home. You can tell your family and friends what you have learned on counseling.

We must advise when you experience your first online therapy session to prepare yourself to undergo some unexpected emotions when you are writing and reading your emails. Keep in mind your therapist is not there physically to help you through this and you must verbalise how you are feeling in order for you to be able to work through these emotions. You will be able to re-read your emails from your online therapist as many times as you wish. You will notice how important these emails will be when you experience the problem again in the future; these emails can remind you of what your therapist said and how you worked through the problem the first time. Allowing the .re-read. email session will actually allow you to save money and provide you with constant positive encouragement and act as a remindful process and also re-affirm the guidance by your online therapist. Online therapy will guarantee your counsellor will spend a great deal of time on your messages based on their honour system. All the messages you will receive proves that the work has been done, but you need to have trust that your online therapist accurately monitored his or her time writing each individual reply. Online therapy allows you to freely share your ideas and thoughts also in online support groups. Therapists have developed numerous techniques to make up for the fact that they can.t see you. For example .My Therapy Couch. uses Blogs, Emails, Skype and even Video Call. Many clients who already using My Therapy Couch feel more relaxed talking about deep issues and not worry about superficial things like their therapists appearance. Online therapy encourages clients to look around at the therapy site before signing up. Your privacy is controlled you won.t have to worry about running into someone unexpectedly or your car being seen near a therapist.s office. Unfortunately the history of therapists have included over several cases of therapists and counsellors who sexually exploit their clients during their sessions. This disgusting misuse of the unprofessional role is rare but extremely damaging to one who already is seeking help. My therapy couch guarantees 100% there will be no abuse of any kind. They also and hope the patients they help will leave their sessions feeling, happy, content and most of all your therapist is just a click away on your computer. Online therapists follow the ethical guide of the professional organization to which they belong too. All of the online therapists work hard to make sure that their online counselling services are above and beyond ethical. For example My Therapy Couch goal is to be a leader in integrity of personal human caring and professionalism. You may ask yourself what are ethics? Well ethics are a guideline that professional therapists must follow in order to protect their clients from harm and to make sure they receive the proper care according to each individuals issues.