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This area is dedicated to providing you with basic resources and educational material to improve your experience with our counselors and this website. Should you be in need of urgent medical or psychological assistance, please call your local emergency center. In USA please dial: 911. If you are considering suicide, you must call 1-800-784-2433 immediately.

To contact mytherapycouch please use our contact page, located here. thank you.


this section can answer frequently asked questions about the site, provide general guidance on how to get the best experience, and direct you to the right resources to put you on the right path.

frequently asked questions

how does internet counseling work, and how do I begin?

Internet counseling provides similar therapy to what one would receive going to a therapists physical office, but from the freedom and privacy of your own home. To speak with a therapist simply click on the Therapy Now link, input your message and payment details, and you will receive a response from a highly qualified and licensed therapist within 24-48 hours.

where is the free stuff?

Our forums, answers and case studies sections are completely free!

where's the free PTSD support group for troops?

It is located here

what's the difference between the free forums and the support groups?

Our free forums are community-moderated. Members develop a ranking, and you can get helpful answers from our senior experienced members. These members are not licensed professionals. Our support groups on the other hand are led and directed by a highly-qualified team of licensed and educated psychotherapists, with experience in many specialized areas ranging from depression, sexual identity crisis, relationships and more!

how do i get the most out of this site?

In addition to our free features, we have a unique pairing process once you're ready to get professional input. Our initial consultation will recommend specific forums, support groups and case studies for your benefit. We will also match you with a counselor highly trained in your area of need. Please visit the How it works section to learn more!

how do I sign up?

You can sign up anytime, it's free! Just click here to register now

how secure is my information?

Anytime you pass information to us it is transmitted over 2048bit SSL (secure socket layer) TCP/IP connectivity, which is the highest grade encryption, used by both Fortune 100 companies and the US government. Anytime you see "https://" in your address bar, you can rest assured your information is safe with us. In addition to encrypting your information during transmission, we also encrypt all sensitive information before storing it on our end. We use an equivalent strength encryption algorithm and a memory-only key to protect your information. To view our complete privacy policies please click here.

what's the benefit of online "e-mail" consultations?

Online e-mail consultations afford clients the opportunity to address specific issues that are pressing and require professional insight for constructive resolution. Cyber consultations do not replace the significant work achieved in face to face psychotherapy over several months and sometimes years. Rather it sets out to provide short term insight oriented guidance and problem management.

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why join a support group?

Struggling with sky high or floating anxiety, depression, mood cycling, life threatening illness, fluctuating weight, infertility, loneliness or parenting difficulties?

Join an issue-focused support group that's moderated by qualified therapists WITHOUT leaving the comfort of your home.

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can I ask a question for a friend or relative?

Sure! We encourage family member and friends to ask questions related to their loved ones. In fact, we have an entire support group devoted to helping friends and relatives cope with the stress of caring for a loved one who is struggling with mental illness. Read more about our support groups here

where can I find the etiquette guide for this site?
it is located here: etiquette
how is my privacy and confidentiality guaranteed when using

Please read our privacy policy here

what kind of issues are appropriate for internet therapy, and what kind of issues are not appropriate?

Any concerns that are not life threatening or time sensitive. Persons seeking relationship or parenting advice for concerns that do not require immediate intervention. Persons with chronic depression or anxiety challenges that are searching for more adaptive coping mechanisms and psychological education. General life concerns that benefit from professional counsel yet DO NOT require immediate resolution. Existential issues such as career boredom, relationship frustrations and interpersonal friction lend themselves to internet counsel, again as long as resolution is not urgent and the situation IS NOT out of control.

Issues that arise from heated conflict situations such as domestic violence, suicidal ideation or intent, homicidal thoughts or intent, sexual frustration, sleep disorders and psychotic presentations of any kind require immediate face to face clinical intervention. Persons presenting with any kind of impulse control disorders resulting in unmanaged anger directed at self or others are strongly advised to contact their nearest emergency room or help lines advertised in the relevant location. Persons at risk of misusing medication or any harmful substances similarly are strongly recommended to seek immediate face to face clinical intervention. Survivors of violent and/or sexual crimes should call localized help lines for immediate assistance.

If in doubt ask yourself if resolution to your situation is in any way life threatening or urgent to prevent potentially damaging or costly consequences? If the answer is that your challenge or situation is time sensitive please DO NOT rely on this site. Instead contact a therapist or psychologist or emergency room in your area.

what should I do if I am having thoughts of suicide?

If you are considering suicide, you must call 1-800-784-2433 immediately.

do I have to pay to use

No! Membership is free. The only time payment is required is when you request direct counsel with a therapist, or you wish to join a support group. Forums, Q&A, case studies and more are all free, forever!

will my insurance cover internet therapy?

No, your health insurance will NOT cover the cost of internet therapy.

What are the ethical implications, ramifications and responsibilities of providing these services to people one does not physically see and assess and who live in different countries where different ethical guidelines may apply for psychologists than where the therapist resides?
The site addresses everyday problems that therapists experience in their private practices. High risk cases are not entertained and are referred to a mental health professional/or crisis center etc in that individuals area if possible or the individual is advised of his/her current state of mind and requested to seek appropriate assistance (a quick Google search helps with this). All professionals working on the site have to be certified psychologists and registered with the relevant board(s).
Who assumes accountability should anything untoward happen to these people, e.g. parasuicide, suicide, etc?
The site states that it is not suited for individuals deemed high risk: e.g. suicidal, psychotic etc. Anybody continuing to use the site after reading these notices is in violation of the terms of use & service, and will be liable in the event of any claim against My Therapy Couch.
What agreements do the 'clients' enter into in terms of responsibility, that they need to assume in making use of the service, and in terms of their understanding of the limitations of the service?
The site manages that when the therapy is purchased, forum threads are created, any comment is posted, and also on the various about, help and contact pages. The user must indicate through checking off a box that they understand the limitations, and that their state of mind is compatible with the services being rendered.
What does one do if a 'client' is indeed suicidal, psychotic, etc (high risk)?
As mentioned above. The therapist will not provide therapy, and the client must call the appropriate help line.
What does one do in the case of an emergency?
In the USA, please phone 911. Do not contact My Therapy Couch. In other countries, contact your local emergency services.
Is there someone or an office that monitors the correspondence and especially high risk situations?
A supervisor monitors all responses. A cc is sent to her with each reply to. High risk situations are not entertained. Any graphic or crisis related content will be deleted from My Therapy Couch.
Are the emails anonymous?
Yes - in as much as the client reveals to you within their email request and the area of their public profile on the site. The site will list you as a member with your profile, which may be set to private. The user may indicate a display name which does not need to reveal their real name.

For more information about MyTherapyCouch please visit the "About Us" page