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Aug 20 2018, 21:58
  • greatwave88 Newbie

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    I'm new here but I need advice or something for this situation. I'm currently living with my long term boyfriend and a friend. I'm working a part time job and I can barely afford my part of the rent because my boyfriend is unemployed right now. it's just very hard because we struggle with not having food or other necessities. I want to move and have our own place but it's impossible to find an affordable apartment. I just feel like my life is too difficult sometimes. I need guidance or something asap.
  • Kiah Newbie

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    Oct 11 2018, 00:44
    If your boyfriend is able to work, I would suggest trying to help him find a job. The second income will help to relieve some of the financial stress from you. Depending on where you are, some places provide "welfare" or social assistance" he could apply for that if it is available in your area