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Sexuality & Gender

Ask the Therapist
Feb 20 2019, 17:18
  • gillfisher Newbie

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    I have recently discovered a part of myself that I never wanted to. I use to consider myself a straight female because I love guys and whenever I had any thoughts about liking any gender, it would make me sick. But here's the thing...I did have those thoughts, but I never wanted to admit to them I guess. Now I know what you're thinking; why is the title Pansexuality? Well don't worry I'm getting to it. Currently I have a loving boyfriend that I have been with for over 3 years, but about a year ago I had a crush on someone...and it was with a girl. I liked this girl because of her energy and who she portrayed herself, not so much her gender because when I like someone, I tend to focus on their personality more than their looks. With this in mind, I never thought that this would be a quality that I could like about anyone and not just guys. Ever since I figured this part of myself out, I have been terrified because it's something about myself that I never had considered a possibility. The worst part...I have no proof other than my feelings which is strange to me because I have always been the type of person to need proof in order to believe something and now...I don't have anything solid, just thoughts and sucks :(