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Aug 5 2017, 16:47
  • I don't know what to do. I am from a Baptist background and I am proud of that. I am also Bi Sexual and I have only ever had one boyfriend before. I am also a virgin still. I have accepted that I am bi sexual but I have not come out to my family or if I ever will. I have come out to three friends and my sister. Another thing I am struggling with is that I am a female but I consider myself more of a male. It never used to be a problem before but now my mom is asking why I am never interested in makeup, dressing up, and fixing my hair. The thing is I don't really care about my looks on the outside very much. And I hate dresses and skirts. What gets me is they banned trans people from joining the military and for two years they were trying to get me to join. Now if I had joined I probably would have been sent home. I don't want to get the surgery to change my gender but why is it so hard for people to accept that I am a Tomboy/ gender fluid. I hate it because I don't fit in with the girls/women but when I am hanging with the guys they either sensor a lot of the conversation just because I am female or I freak them out and don't want anything to do with me. I hate it.