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Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

Ask the Therapist
Jul 16 2010, 23:46

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    Full use of the PTSD support group is FREE

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  • Marty Contributor

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    Jul 26 2010, 14:46
    How does one make use of this forum?
  • Dr S Rawat Helpful Friend

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    Jul 27 2010, 01:45
    Hi Marty,
    Thank you for your response.
    This is a support forum for individuals who have at some point suffered from PTSD or are currently being treated for PTSD. It is important to note that with a support group one expects the individual to have already been diagnosed by a relevant mental health service provider and have already received or are currently recieving therapeutic intervention for the condition.
    This forum then serves as a support for individuals to interact with others who have suffered the same or who want to gain more knowledge about the said condition or who have particular questions in regard to treatment options etc.
    Marty you seem to be interested in PTSD. If there is anything you would like to say or any information you were wanting in regard to PTSD, please post your comment or question on this forum.
    Thank you and best wishes
    • Dec 31 2010, 05:28
      I indeed have a few questions.

      1/ Having experienced multiple exposure to traumatic incidents, can it be possible that a new breed of ptsd is developing, complex ptsd with co morbid disorders such as conversion disorder discosiative disorder and psychogenic amniesia because with the onset of PTSD/R a lot of health proffessional are rediagnosing these set of diagnosis into simply a personality disorder. All be it that each are seperate within the DSM and ICD manuals.

      2/ CBT and Trauma focus work in my case has not worked because all my energy is spent focusing on the trauma when in fact all that does is retraumatise and sets off a chain of events and further suffering. so why does health proffessional not understand this.

      3/ surely the best advisor on ptsd is in fact a ptsd sufferer themself whom has managed to erradicate PTSD it co morbid disorders and indeed is self motivated to help. VETRANS HELPING VETRANS.
  • Thia43 Newbie

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    Jan 12 2011, 07:02
    Hello Folks,
    I have been abused by my step father at the age of 9. I grew up in a broken home where there was drinking, fighting, etc. I've been in and out of mental institutions. When I was in these institutions, I was restrained and secluded a lot do to poor impulse control due to my BPD.
  • Samster Newbie

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    Nov 7 2012, 07:49
    Hi while I was in the navy I had a bf who was also a serving member but when I was 18 and he was 28 he started hitting me and told everyone we worked with lies about me to hide what he was doing . Eventually things got so bad he tried to kill me and almost succeeded . The navy got him off civvie charges and he walked away Scott free and continued to make my life hell. Again the navy allowed this to happen and I was still a child of 18. Now 10 years later I still suffer because of this my relationship with my fiancé is. Suffering and I'm about to have my 2nd child n I'm worried this will haunt me forever