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Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

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Sep 5 2016, 04:55
  • Brokenwingz Newbie

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    was doing so well 4 months ago... I had my little routine when B would leave for work.... Had my morning meditation...then I would clean house and shower the baby and I....then feed her lunch and put her down for a nap and meditate seriously worked wonders.... But of course my #depression came back and four months later I was back in bed not wanting to do annnnnnything...

    I am so numb and empty feeling man I can't remember the last time I felt peace since i got out of my routine.... I'm scared I'm not going to get back to that simple routine that made a huge impact on my life.....because every time I tried to better myself I get knockdx down....

    This Time.....if I don't get back up and into my routine fast....I'm truely scared I'm going to be this empty.....miserable and eventually B will cut my throat....

    Hadn't slept I. Two days so I think ill smoke a cigg then curl up with my snuggle bunny and try this meditation thing again....

    My attitude does suck right now and for once in my like I got to be a big girl and fix this to change my terrible negative oessamistix ways before I can't.....I just hope I still can save myself