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Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

Ask the Therapist
Aug 3 2012, 22:09
  • juliemaggie Newbie

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    What more information would you like? I cant cope with the memories flashbacks and some alters remember the information and some dont and some dont even know. Different parts of me show up at therapy and I cant remember the sessions or being there. This is so hard.

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    Aug 3 2012, 22:50
    I'm responding to the earlier post:

    what is it that makes you think you are being abused now?
    why is it that you feel therapy is not working?
    have you accomplished anything whatsoever in the therapy?

    You apparently are coping with something, you're here. What is it you do to cope? What is it you are working on that you cannot do (to cope)? What are the recommendations of your therapist? Do you like him or her?
  • juliemaggie Newbie

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    Aug 3 2012, 23:00
    Because I got pregnant and didnt even know I was pregnant and had an abortion outside of a hospital.
    I have pain in the female area and bruises at times.
    I didnt say therapy was not working but I am wondering - do I really have DID Dissociation Identity Disorder - or was it all put in my head by a previous unskilled, no boundary, mentally abusive therapist.
    I have huge memory problems.
    My brain is on overload and over ten years no one has fixed that with medications. There have been many.
    Trauma after Trauma after Trauma is not fun.
    I have a psychiatrist who is terrible.
    My current therapist I think knows what she is doing and has helped improve my quality of life.
    Before with the memory loss, finding notes written by other people, having memories and no one to tell them to -
    Now telling the memories etc and trauma of childhood abusive - if they are true
    I have no idea what is true in my life and what is not and when things turn up or go missing or Ih ave thoughts i write and they fit patterns of illness and I am so stressed out
    I have accomplished in therapy lessening triggers at times - most time- i can go into stores now, I am not a recluse any longer, my emotional regulation is better, less implusive, more flashbacks, how can my mind write this stuff and is it true and if it is made up then where does it come from whos making it up and why

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    Aug 4 2012, 02:45
    well- I was just trying to get you to maybe see some progress. I think the feeling of unrealness is a symptom of dissociation- in fact I know it is. I truly think if it had been planted inside of you it would - you'd have some small inkling, some small memory of fleshed out idea of how and when.
    have you shared these feelings with your therapist- you should.
    Pain in the female area is notoriously common amongst abuse survivors. however, you aree of course aware that a woman can get problems down there even if she has not been sexually active and that a medical doctor should do a check for trying to figure out the cause of the pain. a PPAP is a must at least every two years, some doctors say every year, I believe under certain conditions every six months. i can help you find a clinic if you need financial help for a pelvic check.
    I really want you to keep a copy of what you listed above as the progress you have made in therapy so you can review it from time to time.
    another sensation that comes from trauma is feeling as if other people aren't real or as if they have dubious motives 9such as planting memories in your brain). I think you should share this with your therapist too. I get this sensation at times myself, usually when I feel wronged or scared.
    Ask about Dialectical-behavioral Therapy, I believe it may help you.Especially with the brain-overload problems.
    Look up false memory syndrome. I do not believe it is terribly common, I believe the idea became popularized around teh time of the McMartin case, amongst preschool children who were misled into describing satanic sexual abuse in a daycare center. I believe it then became a topic for the media, but if you research you may find this sort of hysteria is not very common and may occur primarily in groups of close-knit people who have some kind of interest in believing things that are not true. I'm not sure- but this may be the case. Do you have any siblings or relatives or childhood friends who can corroborate the trauma you've been through?

    You might also do a search: repressed memories or false memories syndrome and see if anything comes up to help you compare your experience one way (trrue) or another (false).

    Ginny-not a therapist, just a volunteer