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Dissociative Identity Disorder - not coping

Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

Ask the Therapist
Aug 3 2012, 21:30
  • juliemaggie Newbie

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    I was diagnosed with DID 10 years ago. Been on and off in therapy. Tried 100's of meds. Can you be helped if your currently being abused? If you dont know who is being abused how to you stop them from being abused. How do you stop the switching?

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    Aug 3 2012, 21:52
    Sounds like we might need a little more info.
    • juliemaggie Newbie

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      Aug 3 2012, 21:56
      What would you like to know I just feel like my life is being wasted and going in circles. Just ask please and I will try to answer the questions

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