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sleepless and scared

Physical Illness

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Feb 11 2018, 05:29
  • kail Newbie

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    I can't sleep. It's like my brain is trying to accommodate the time to entertain someone or something else but my body is just so exhausted it's unreal. I have horrific mood swings and can't focus. People have complained that I'm hard to follow and understand because of how quickly my mind works. I feel like I'm two different people at times and it's more than just for a day. I'm generally up-beat and ready for anything, but I've been in these swings for the past few months makes me want to seriously hurt someone.
    I've tried talking to my now ex-boyfriend about it but all I got told was I was being too sensitive and needed to grow up. I don't know what to do and going this long without sleep isn't healthy. I had this problem before, while we were together, and I had been taking melatonin as recommended but my regular physician told me to cut that out of my nightly routine because it had began to loose it's effect.
    I'm scared to be in rooms alone because it feels like I'm being watched. Could this be a side effect from the lack of sleep? What should I do?