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Ask the Therapist
Mar 6 2012, 09:52
  • victorwu Newbie

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    I've been suspended for hitting my girlfriend due to not being able to control my anger. This never happened before and occurred because I was just so frustrated with her. Although this happened a while ago I've been doing a lot of thinking and made progress on realizing many things. However, I'd like some more insight from others. I've apologized to her parents as well as to her for what I have done.
    I'm a good student with a 3.6 GPA and I'm kinda lost on what to do. I just want some help with dealing with relationships as well as some ways to cool off and maybe an anger management assessment. I am currently interning at two positions and would like to have a one on one session with a therapist that I can keep for a long term goal. Also to erase this from my school record I need to be deemed healthy and ready so it might be a long term counseling.
    As of myself I am a 22 year old asian and not angry by nature. I'm usually calm with people and well mannered but when something irks me a lot I tend to dwell on the problem. I'm fairly healthy mentally wise and don't have any cases of depression or mental disorder.