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Foreclosure and the anxiety and shame that comes with it


Ask the Therapist
Feb 22 2012, 20:44
  • Jaime Newbie

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    I am going through foreclosure 100% alone. I am looking for support from other people in Massachusetts who have gone through this process. The unknown exaggerates my fear and anxiety. What happened to you financially? How did you get through the stress? Share any mistakes you made?

    Where can I go for help with going through the foreclosure process? There are plenty of groups available to help you try to stop foreclosure - but that isn't me. I bought a 4 family home and lived in it. A family emergency forced me to move out and move in with a family member, and since I left the house is failing badly. I can not keep the home and can't sell it and need help going through the foreclosure. I have no money left but still have one tenant in the home which I'm being told is now uninsurable.

    I am terribly scared and fighting severe anxiety, shame, and worry on a daily basis. I have noticed myself aging a lot in the past year since I stopped paying and now have ulcers. Please share your story - I feel alone in this but I know other people must have gone through the same anxiety?
  • Jaime Newbie

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    Feb 22 2012, 20:47
    I forgot to mention that I can't sell the house and it is now worth 40,000-80,000 and my mortgage is 260,000 and nothing in my area is selling.
  • Jmcnama6 Newbie

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    Jul 17 2012, 00:11
    My husband and I are in limbo waiting to see what's going to happen next. We can no longer afford our home. We are 4 months behind and facing foreclosure. We bought our town home for 196,000, our neighbors home just sold for 130,000. Our home also has a major plumbing problem in the basement bathroom. We need to just walk away. We faxed in all necessary paperwork to the mortgage company to see if we are qaulify for any assistance. We are now waiting to hear back...
    I suffer from a panic disorder. I can't sleep, focus or stop thinking about the unknown of the future. Do I need to get a lawyer? Should we get an apartment now? What if I wait it out and there's no apartment openings? I have the strongest urge to start packing but my family really thinks I need to just wait and see what happens. I need a plan in order to relieve this stress/anxiety but I have no idea what kind of a timeline we ate looking at.

    Words of wisdom please...