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Feb 21 2012, 14:21
  • heyhey Newbie

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    Hello, Please i think i just need to talk or something i don't know... see i have allot of issues with anxiety and post traumatic stress and depression. This has steamed from the time i was 15 and the person who raised me died. I then married an abusive alcoholic and had 2 children. I was with him for 5 years then i left him. a year after i left him he manipulated the system and got my children. over the course of the last 6 years i have struggled knowing that they were with such an awful person and no one would listen to me. now they are in foster care because of the abuse he put them through. i have since remarried and had another child. but with everything i have been through i get really bad anxiety and depression resulting in trust issues and making poor decisions and thinking that my husband would do things that he would never dream of. although he is not perfect i know he would never be abusive or take my son from me but sometimes i just cant help but feel like it is gonna happen. please help me to be a better mother and wife by overcoming the issues that i cant seem to let go of on my own.
  • helenh Insightful User

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    Oct 2 2012, 21:18
    Hi HeyHey
    I hope you are ok today.
    I lost custody of my oldest son quite a few years ago because my ex went for custody during a very difficult time in my life, and I lost because I was not in the right state of mind to fight at the time. I was a mess actually, I had already lost my house,had my life threatened and was lucky to be alive. It's sad how people take advantage of your sadness to try and hurt you more. It took me a long time and lots of professional guidance to find my feet and get back on track, but I remember feeling so lost and confused at the time.So I can relate and if you need to share some more in this trying period of your life, I am happy to share, you are not alone.
    • courtney Newbie

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      Feb 14 2017, 01:39
      Hi my name is courtney im struggling the same thing but i cant see my kids at all i dont have the money for a lawyer so all i can do is pray about it
  • bre Newbie

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    Aug 30 2016, 23:14
    Hello, I am so sorry to hear of your pain~~what I am hearing sounds like you are trying to handle it all at once. I do the same but is always my biggest mistake. I have learned the best way to cope with and handle your life falling apart is to break the stressors down into smaller parts...what I mean is okay he has the guessing there is little you can do about instead of trying to handle a custody battle, maybe just fight for more or extra time with the kids. overall it sounds like you feel as though you have lost in the battle of fulfillment of life...instead of focusing on that, try and change your way of thinking....your not losing but being afforded the opportunity to learn and acquire personal strength independence and ultimate comfort ability in your own skin

  • lonely Newbie

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    Feb 26 2017, 05:42
    I just want to die... I feel like I cant do this anymore. I did something a couple of days ago, and im just wondering like how come I am not dead yet? I am 18 years old. I will die soon.