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How to heal the past?


Ask the Therapist
Feb 12 2012, 14:08
  • Hi Doctor :) I'm here because I hope that maybe you can help me shed some light on a thing that I am dealing with recently. I keep randomly having flashback of memories from my past and I wonder why is that happening. And why now? I always wanted to somehow get away from the past and live fully in the present, but sometimes the past has a way of finding me. Sometimes even synchronicity happens, like for example... I remember about a happening from high school and a few days after, an old high school colleague with who I didn't ever keep in touch founds my email address and sends me a message. I also had recurring dreams (nightmares) of ex-boyfriends that I was still together with them and like my entire life since than it wasn't real, all my accomplishments didn't really happen. When I wake up I feel very relieved that it was only a dream, but somehow that "panic" vibe that I experience in the dreams flows in the air the whole day and I feel that I have to work more, achieve more, focus more, just BE more... Is there a lesson for me to learn? What is this situation trying to teach me?
  • MattRyeden Contributor

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    Apr 1 2012, 01:57
    It sounds like in a way, it is a good thing, this "panic" vibe. You are achieving more and more. The past may hurt but you need to embrace it. Learn from your mistakes but don't let it dominate you. Focus on one thing in the present that you can use as a distraction from being completely absorbed in the past, like a loved one, work, school. And once this blows over, be glad that you didn't fight because maybe you learned something from your experience. I hoped I helped and made sense.