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Immature emotional Love


Ask the Therapist
Nov 1 2011, 13:16
  • Newbie Contributor

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    I've turned into a jealous and insecure high school girl and yet I'm a responsible, fun, socially confident mother and forty year old adult!

    Love has made me crazy and I fear that my bad behavior will chip away at the love I have!
  • aweshome Contributor

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    Jan 28 2012, 19:22
    What are you jealous about?
  • Kelly baker Newbie

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    May 13 2013, 10:25
    I am 20 years old, and ive Beeen in a relationship since I was 13 so now it's 7 years for us being together. His mother is a real bitch, she pretends to be innocent but she keeps trying to cause problems between us..she tries to make me jealous and tries to make sure that I know that he only loves his mom.. I never cared much but lately iv started to feel this jealousy and hatred towards her
    • Reecie92 Newbie

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      Jul 14 2013, 11:56
      Try to stay mature as possible and just smile! Some mothers get so jealous and act like their son is their man and that's only because I'm guessing they're aren't enjoying their life or they don't get enough attention from their loved ones so with her being unhappy, I hat to say it but she striving to make both of you unhappy! You should want to see your kids happy but when your miserable the whole world has to pay for your misery, I don't know why but it works like that.