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Ask the Therapist
Aug 1 2011, 01:07
  • Wilmot Newbie

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    I have the nerve to say this, so I'm just going to say it. My problem starts with indecisiveness. When I consider my problem, it drags me in every single direction of my mind. In directions, that people wouldn't even imagine. I live at home with my parents, make somewhat close to minimum wage, haven't had a shred of luck with women in the last 6 years. For most of the spare time, I have addiction to the lazy life style, excessive thinking, second guessing myself, lack of self esteem, lack of will power, anxiety, anger, bitterness, etc. One minute I want to be on a path to a high-paying job from an I.t. degree. The next minute I want to be the darkest writer of all time. The next minute I want to fade away and have the next 50 years roll by like minutes. On top of all that, I can't afford to have a local therapist or shrink talk to me, and don't have health insurance. It's like 75 bucks per session, which is BS, so thats why I'm here. Kind of a rude, direct way to be on here. But at least I'm honest. I'm out of ideas.
  • JDreed Newbie

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    Aug 22 2011, 17:44
    It's pointless to spend money to have someone listen to you and then tell you what your problem is like you're the exact definition of a word they learned in college.

    If you want to do something and can't bring yourself to do it, think about someone you can't stand, and strive to be better than them in all aspects of life. Make it a competition.

    I know people who don't deserve half of the things they have or have gotten, they don't even appreciate it. I assume you're one of those people who appreciates the sound of leaves in Autumn so I hope you get what you need and I hope it comes soon.