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Jul 3 2011, 04:16
  • atrumsentenia Contributor

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    Has anyone had to stop medication cold turkey due to not having any money to buy the meds they need and I don't have any insurance. This will take place in 31 days I have to go; off my meds all of them.
  • Rachel Contributor

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    Jan 30 2012, 07:24
    yes I have been so depressed I was on Cymbalta & medicaid quit paying for them & they are like $300! I have a hard enough time paying my rent, so I'm back to this meaningless existence I guess!
  • Arielle7777 Newbie

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    Feb 5 2012, 15:58
    I was on an antidepressant and it didn't help me at all! I still had low energy and didn't want to do anything. I recently started taking a multivitamin and felt better that day and didn't feel like I needed to take a nap and actually had motivation! I guess I was just suffering from a vitamin deficiency and I'm not saying that everyone is but if it's something as simple as a multivitamin it's worth a try!
  • Picopa Newbie

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    Feb 8 2012, 02:19
    Yes, I have. I was fine at first. But, try to get insurance some kind of way. Even if it's through the government. If you're on medication, there's a reason why. If you stop, your problem will return.