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Jun 22 2018, 11:09
  • tacabout Newbie

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    It seems when a family member comes to visit me and my family, then they have to leave, I go through this anxiety. I know they have to leave, they have their own lives, I know they will make it home ok, I know they are well, I know everything is fine. But every damn time, I fall apart. It doesn't matter if it's my son and his family or my mother in law, I fall apart. Yes, I had a loss at a young age, my Dad passed when I was 9, I saw him pass.. massive heart attack. But, it didn't effect me while growing up, now that I'm a Grandma and empty nester, it's just me and my husband, I go through these "spells" only when someone leaves us. If I go visit them, I have no issues leaving them. So what is going on with me. I'd love some feedback and insight, or what you are doing about it if you are going through this too.