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Oct 26 2017, 00:15
  • karli Newbie

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    I just recently got out of a 3 month long controlling and toxic relationship. My friends knew it was toxic but they knew i wasn’t going to truly leave until i actually wanted to not when they told me to. Well of course they moved on with their lives as i was in that relationship. Now they want nothing to do with me. 3 of them were making plans in front of me and i asked if it was cool if i came too and no one answered so i assumed i could well the one was like well i’m taking a nap when i get home and i don’t want a lot of people at my house well then we get to 7th bell and my backpack ended up being put in the office because we’re not allowed to have them and i told her and she went to her locker while i went to go get my backpack and when i went to meet up with them all cause there lockers are all by each other they had already left so i just walked out the door they walk out of so i don’t have to do more walking than normal because i have a broken toe at the moment and i run into them so i walk with them for a second but there were 5 of us 2 split into a group and were talking and the other 2 did so i took the hint and started walking faster until i got home i started crying on the way home and then once i got home i was bawling my eyes out. it’s hurts to know that people i used to be so close with now barely even speak to me especially one of them because she was my best friend and now she won’t even talk to me if i don’t talk to her first. i don’t know what to do i go home and sleep so that i can try and make the days pass faster. i don’t know if i should keep trying to be friends with them again or if i should just give up