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where did my friends go?

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May 16 2017, 19:10
  • mrs fox Newbie

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    there is so much that goes on and my friends have either left me or they try to go further than friends but i didnt want that. i am making this so you dont go through the same thing.
  • Jayne Newbie

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    Jun 5 2017, 00:22
    You're not alone with that. I look back as far as my early 30s and see that I haven't had any for quite awhile. In part because of a lot of life changes I made they seemed to just dissipate. Now in my fifties and wish they were still part of my life. Sad to see someplace I want to go and have no one to invite. My husband is my best friend but he also works out of town a lot. I have grown children and a mother that live under my roof. But they really do not take the place of a friend that you can relate to on your own age level. I don't know if you will ever see my reply but if you do maybe we could be online friends?