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I dont know what to do?

Divorce & Separation

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Apr 15 2017, 17:12
  • Heather Newbie

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    I have been with my boyfriend for 15 years. We have a six year old daughter. He plays video games for most of every day and doesn't give me or our daughter much attention. He does work but rarely does anything else but play video games. When he gets mad at me he ignores me for weeks to months at a time. He does little things to make me mad. He is very passive aggressive. He does some great things for us also but are becoming more rare. We are have not talked in over a month. I finally texted him and asked do you want to see a counselor together or just call it quits. He never answered me. He has been cleaning more and paying more attention to our daughter. But I feel like this is always how it's going to be. I was wondering if you think I should try to work on things or just give up. I still do love him even after all this.