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Ask the Therapist
Jun 20 2018, 09:36
  • So I have a huge mix of things that I had built up a wall over time to keep out, I got really bad postpartum a over a year ago and since then its like I cant hold any of it back any longer. I was sexual abused when I was four, my family did nothing about it so I still blame my self even though I now I'm not supposed to, my mother was an addict so she could bee so drugged up that I could go days with out eating or anyone caring if I was there. My dad was a drunk and had a sex change when I was 11, he came out at my 4th grade birthday party so many issues followed that. I have an extremely hard time talking to people and constantly avoid eye contact. My daughter has been displaying signs of autism (many that I do) and I recently found out that several doctors tried to put me on the spectrum when I was little but as my mother put it she didn't want me labeled as stupid. I am terrified to go into crowded stores and just functioning around other people and know I have know idea if it was the trauma of if I'm on the spectrum so I don't know how to fix it I feel trapped in my own head and its close to ending a ten year relationship (never been with any one eles) and I feel like I'm drowning in all this cauos with no direction to go.