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Need a shoulder to lean on


Ask the Therapist
Feb 9 2013, 06:20
  • inneed Newbie

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    I just need someone to talk to. Where I am and my situation there's no one i can rely on that won't tell other people about my problems. I'm 22 and just started a new job in a camp environment for an oilfield. my girlfriend has been going through some bad anxiety problems and i had to leave her at home today. when i got here i felt fine but as my first night started i started to feel sad and alone, isolated and helpless for my girlfriend. i want to be home with her im homesick and depressed and feel like no matter what i try to do in my life im not doing something right. i feel like a failure for leaving and a failure for wanting to leave my job so early.its like no matter what i try to do no matter how hard i try to make my life work for the better it never works out as planned and something always goes wrong and im left in the dust with nothing, no friends, family or loved ones to care. i feel so alone even though im in a camp where we're all secluded i have many people to talk to but they dont understand how i feel an see it as a big joke. i know many of you are going to think this should be in the work section but its not just work related its my life. i've been feeling down about my life in general for quite some time now and feel as though i have no where to turn anymore. i really just need someone to talk to, someone who would udge or make fun of me or laugh about my personal issues..