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Feb 9 2019, 02:15
  • Kate Newbie

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    I'm a student and I'm preparing for college entrance exams. I've worked really hard for 2 years but now when it's just 2 months left for the exams I just can't study.i went through a traumatic breakup. It's been almost a month I'm trying to recover from it but this pain seems of no end.i have no one to talk to or to cry in front of. I'm all alone with my feelings. I can actually feel the pain in my heart. days are just passing crying I want to study but I can't.things are becoming so worse now when I've realised how much time I've wasted. all my hardwork,all my sacrifces, I've wasted it all. I've ruined it all. I see no way of fixing.i want to study but now when open the books it frightens me. I don't know how to start. Everything's so messed feels like I don't remember a thing that I've read in the last 2 years.he was my motivation he was support. He used to guide me through my studies. I've loved him so much. But he changed.he treated my like shit and broke up with me.i feel so helpless now.i feel like I've lost it all. My best friend,my love and most importantly my dreams. it's the peak time.i gotta be studying day and night but instead here I am trying to cope up with my broken heart.i feel so lonely.any advices will be welcomed