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I have ADHD and I don't know what to do.

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

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Feb 3 2020, 00:14
  • spicylemon Newbie

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    Hi. This is my first post. I just really need help in this so please respond.

    I've currently been super stressed about everything; school, activities, and even simple things. Even though I feel like my parents have high expectations for me, they say they haven't pushed me enough. I recently found out that I have ADHD, and that's stressing me out. I just want someone who will understand me. I get panic attacks often, and even though I usually rather be alone, I feel like I need someone to be beside me and help me when I start to freak out. On top of that, I get mood swings, and everybody just tells me to be less sensitive. I understand, but I can't always control it. I cry a lot and get panic attacks, and I can never sleep properly at night. NO MATTER WHAT I DO. My best friend continuously tries to help me, but she moved a city away. I barley call her now, and the last time I saw her was a month ago. I know the people that know are trying to help, but I don't know. I guess I was just hoping for something to just magically happen, or for someone to snap their fingers and make everything better. I just need help. Please.