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Mar 5 2017, 18:51
  • Rodgers4 Newbie

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    I recently have just had the hardest time dealing with my emotions, feeling like a big failure and being able to express how I feel in a positive rather than destructive way. I don't really know how to reach out to anyone, I never have. I don't want to burden anyone with my problems. I don't really know what I'm looking for but if anyone has advice about anything please help....
  • Queenie3 Newbie

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    Nov 9 2017, 20:26
    Learn to breathe. It sounds silly and I'd always disregarded it but people undermine just how important our breathing it. Focusing on breath has the ability to strip away problems.
    Don't get me wrong. Sometimes I can't. I'm still learning, it's new to me. I hae more bad days than I do good days.
    Try meditating. Stop drinking caffeine if you do, that helped me. I cut it all out, I used to drink so much it made me a mess.
    I'm here if you need to talk, honestly. We don't know each other but the world needs more support.