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Jun 8 2014, 02:48
  • sohaib Newbie

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    Hi Friends.
    i Need ur help. i am very depressed. dont know what to do. also dont know what wrong with me. i need ur help. i dont know what i am thinking, who am i, what i want from my self and from people.
    all the time i made stries, false stories, and belive that stories. i am not happy with my this life. i have met a psycologies, he said that u have phobio anxiety. i started the course for didnt get well.
    all i thnik is that i am noting, sand in al stories i build in my mind, i expect others to feel good for me, feel sad for me if i died, or if they know that i am sufring from a deathfull diseaise. although i am not sufring from any disease like these.
    my parents, brother and sister low me more that thrself but i cant feel that. i feel but dont aknlowlede or believe it. all i think that its a storie. i have many friends but from inside i am very alone.
    i love a girl, who also love me, but i didnt meet her, she tried so many times but instead of giving her responce i m bussy in my god dame stories which i hate most. i really roviend my life. i need help.
    could u please do some thing.
    All i want to live, freely.