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Jan 5 2014, 03:48
  • Claire4225 Newbie

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    I have a major fear of commitment, mainly in relationships but also in other everyday things. An example is a couple of weeks ago I agreed to go on a date with a guy. On the date he was perfect. He was nice and charming and wanted everything that I wanted for the future. I could have very well seen him in my life for a long time. As the date started ending I grew extremely tired and anxious and as he went to leave he hugged me goodbye. And that was it, I couldn't speak to him anymore. I walked inside and had a panic attack. I cried for a while and completely ignored his texts and calls until they stopped. This very thing happens to me often. I think I'm ready and I end up hating myself even more. To protect myself from guys liking me I managed to gain 20 kilograms in the past 11 months. I don't go out anymore and I try and avoid all men in general unless they're a friend or colleague.

    I've never been in a relationship because of this and it activates my anxiety and depression about my future. I don't understand what's caused it, everyone in my family is happily married and I've never been let down before. It's one of my dreams to get married and have kids but I can't see that ever happening if I can't even hug a guy without freaking our completely and backing away.
  • Margaret Wise Expert

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    Jan 6 2014, 01:27
    I think I also have a major fear of commitment mainly with relationships as well. But I also have trouble making decisions when it comes to career changes or what class to take at the local college each semester. That is always a big issue with me each semester as I feel confused about whether to get back to my art or my writing but then I feel that before I pursue either of those I should or need to clear the clutter in the back bedroom first. Things like that.