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Am I mentally ill?

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Ask the Therapist
Jul 18 2013, 03:42
  • Katekate Newbie

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    So I have learned something about myself. I mean of course I've had some rough patches in life and bad tragedies as well. My family is awesome though. They care about and love me more than the world. I have plenty of great friends who support me and help me through everything I go through. Yet my mind convinces me of all these crazy unreal things. I practically convince myself that my life is absolute hell and I'm some terrible person that needs to die and all this and that. I've been like this for awhile but then I met a man. He made me so incredibly happy, you wouldn't believe it. My mind settled down while he was around but then we recently broke up. My mind is hitting me worse now. I get super paranoid and worried over stupid little things. Sometimes I sit there and cry over absolutely nothing. I've even hurt myself over absolutely nothing before. I feel like I am mentally ill or crazy. I don't show anything to anyone but I sure as hell think it. And I mean I think if some pretty fucked up shit. And it makes me so upset and depressed. I'm not really sure where to go or how to handle it. I'm just afraid that if someone doesn't help me, give me some answers that ill lose all control one of these days. I'm curious as to if I could possibly have some unidentified mental disorder that I've never learned about. I've never really talked to a therapist or anyone actually. I don't know how to stop thinking the way I do.