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Anxiety & Panic Disorders

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Apr 7 2013, 10:28
  • Roman Newbie

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    one of my biggest issues is social anxieties. i have this need to please people and i want to get myself out of it. i am a student and when i walk into class i feel like every thing that i say and do is an opportunity for someone to attack me. then my first reaction is to be confrontational and that has no place in my adult life. i need help to relax and keep my mind in the right place. please help!!
  • Sophia Ho Newbie

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    Sep 3 2013, 20:29
    • You don't need to be
    • people are better "pleased" if you please yourself first
    • people are mostly self centered, most of the time people are more preoccupied with themselves than react to you, definitely not attack you
    • don't generalize things: ie. "every thing" "every time" "all people". You feed your own stress. Situations are conditional, and things you say won't the same to every person. Not every person should be your friend. People get verbally attacked all the time, they live and it's not ALWAYS terrible. It's about your perspective, if it doesn't affect your life much, then it doesn't matter.
    • just follow your own beliefs and social rules: polite, considerate, take care of your own desires

    Thats it.