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Feb 5 2013, 12:07
  • Eveychan Newbie

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    So I'm a female twenty two and I almost always suffer from unrealistic anxiety and it's driving me crazy! I cannot take it I constantly worry about my health,if I'm gonna make it through the day and or night, car anxiety only when I'm in the passenger seat, weather ( that has to be the second worst from my hypochondria.) I don't know why I have this but I think it either started in middle school or early high school. The only "dramatic" experience I had which really, now that I think about it wasn't all that bad, was open heart surgery when I was around thirteen or fourteen. I am fully recovered from it and go to a cardiologist every two to four years or when she says so. Last time I went to her was when I was nineteen and she said I was in such good health I didn't need to come back till twenty four. So naturally that would of calmed my nerves but my brain says other wise I'm always checking my pulse, checking blood pressure and it's gotten so bad that I can't even make love with my boyfriend with out freaking out over a heart attack after words! I'm so grateful he hasn't left me for that. Now on to the storm anxiety, that one I have no idea why I have it. Every time they're calling for thunderstorms or rain I panic. I panic and especially if the wind is high or they are calling for thunderstorms in general I instantly think tornado... Now let me clear this I have one never been in a tornado nor do I live in an area prone to them. So I dont know why this is but I wish I could get some clarification on why I do this and maybe I can finally get some ease in my mind please help...