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young mother in need of a friendly response

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Feb 3 2013, 16:39
  • pink22 Newbie

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    we have a bed bug problem in our house but no money for an exterminator to help nd we have tried our own pest control products but nothing works. we have 3 children and i cant stand to see them get bit by these horrible pests so its just giving me this horrible anxiety and depression because i feel like i cant protect my children. no matter how much i convince myself its not my fault i feel like it is and if we could afford someone to come and take care of this problem i would have them here in a second but treatments are thousands of dollars nd we cant afford that right now. most of my worries are wut if they get sick from these pests i knw they say they are harmless but are they harmless if they are popped by one of my kids and the blood gets on them i panic about that and y husband is no help he just ignores my feelings abt this maybe because he feels its his responsibility to fix it and he cant. i just need someone to talk with to help me understand my feelings and help me to keep my spirits up because i feel very broken.
  • ec Helpful Friend

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    Feb 4 2013, 01:35
    I am so sorry you hurt so much. I know it's not fair that when you are just trying to do your #1 job as a parent--protect your children--you feel bad.

    I don't know where you live, but I am betting that there is some resource--if not in your local community, your county, and if not there, your state--that would at least be able to help you find a solution, if not help pay for it.

    Am I correct in understanding that you OWN (have a mortgage on) a house? If you rent, I am pretty sure your landlord must supply exterminator services (When I rented an apartment in Houston, Texas, I unwittingly brought "fire ants" back from a trip to Dallas in my luggage--and they took over my apartment. I called the management of the apartment (not realizing I'd caused the problem--and they didn't ask, either), and the exterminator came, at no cost to me.

    If you own, I still think--esp. if you are considered "low income"--that you could turn to one of the following: The Department of Health and Human Services, a crisis center, legal aid (not sure about this, but . . .), etc.

    Do you have any idea how the bed bugs came to your place? And, are you SURE they are bed bugs? One reason I ask is that, from what I've read, they usually have come from places where people from other countries have slept--like hostels, hotels, etc. Did you have any such guests in your home, or did you travel abroad recently? Just wondered if they might be another insect. Are they actually biting and drawing blood? Has anyone been itching? Have you seen the bugs? Could you catch one to submit a sample to be sure that's what it is? If you live near a university with an entymology department, they might be another resource to call . . . ask if perhaps you could have them verify what the bug is, and if there are any public resources available for you to have the bugs eradicated, if necessary.

    How do you know the cost of eradication? Have you had an exterminator come and verify they are bed bugs and give you a free estimate--or are you basing the cost on something you saw on the internet?

    Please know I'm not doubting you; I just know that the bed-bug scare has resulted in disseminating a lot of bad info, and in a situation like this, it's important to be able to confirm, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you have bed bugs (and not some other infestation) before seeking the help of any of the various resources I've mentioned. Do let me know, and I can help you better. (I live in a town and county and state where there are very good resources to help in situations like this, so if I know the absolute facts, I can try to find out from my community what I would do in a situation like this--and then pass those instructions onto you.)