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It hurts so bad

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Ask the Therapist
Dec 7 2012, 19:17
  • peppertree Newbie

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    I can't seem to 'get it together' I wake up shaking with panic and anxiety, I just want to stay in bed. Everthing is scarey, everyday is scarey! I am trying so hard to keep it together at work ( I just started a new job) I don't want to lose my job. I was hospitalized last November for stress, depression and anxiety. I went through group therapies, nothing seems to help. I just want to stop the pain, I am afraid I might do something stupid. I need someone to talk to, my husband is very supportive, but he already has so much on his plate (3 jobs, most of the household chores and a needy wife)Can someone help me?
  • helenh Insightful User

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    Jan 1 2013, 08:10
    Hi Peppertree, pleased to meet you, I am wondering why everyday is so scarey for you and is there anything that has triggered these feelings of fear?
    Were you really nervous about your new work? like prior to getting it? as it can be quite stressing and worrying going to interviews and applying for the work you want. I have been through this myself and it can feel very scarey as you are depending on someone else to like you and your qualifications enough to employ you.
    How did oyu feel once you got employment?
    What is causing you to feel so much pain? I would really like to talk more to you about this as you may find by sharing rather than keeping it to yourself you may find it a lot easier to cope.
    Did you feel uncomrtable in the group? as to speak up and release the things that have caused you to feel so scared? Fear can have a handle on forcing you to withdraw and suffer, rather than seek help. As it can feel embarassing or you can feel odd and alone in what you are going through.
    I know it has been nearly a month since you posted, I hope you are still part of the group and that you feel able to share
    Love and Light to you Peppertree
    I am here if you need a friend (: