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This is becoming a real issue

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Ask the Therapist
Sep 20 2012, 06:36
  • HelpWanted Newbie

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    I have had a very tumultuous last few years. Professionally, Personally relationship wise and with my health, as well as financially - for me, the last few years have been trying to say the least. With a complicated family background and upbringing not only am I finding my anxiety levels are going through the roof for obvious reasons in correlation with my most recent trials, but I feel like things I never properly dealt with or address from my younger years are really starting to creep up as issues. I cannot afford to see a therapist, so for me that is not an option. I've been suffering from panic attacks, racing heart, headaches, balance issues, ADD type symptoms, insomnia and I believe most of this is from my massive anxiety. As lame as this already sounds, I'm even having anxiety about how to handle my anxiety. I'm trying to move forward in my life and make things better but I feel like this emotion is, literally, halting me. I feel stuck. I'm not sure exactly where to turn or how to start. Again, if the advice is for me to go see a therapist then please also include suggestions of free services because it is not an option for me to pay for it (hence me finding this site). This feeling I have is getting harder and harder to "smile" out of. Its getting harder and harder to pretend like its not there and everything is fine. Its having life consequences and is a real issue that I can no longer ignore. I feel like I'm trying and don't even know what I'm trying for, I just know I don't want to feel like this anymore.
  • CincyKat Newbie

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    Nov 11 2012, 23:01
    I totally understand. Talking with people who don't suffer from anxiety isn't much help, because coping mechanisms that work for them won't work for you. In fact, their advice will actually add to your anxiety, because you don't feel capable to do what they are asking!
  • lizel Newbie

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    Jan 6 2015, 06:06
    I get this. I'm feeling something similar. I have had some real downs growing up, all the way through highscool I had issues with eating disorders and losing my father at a young age. Hurting myself. I physically would get sick And a doctor eventually diagnosed me with IBS. So I've just always said that my tummy can't handle stress. But I had a couple of good years after meeting an amazing Partner, who always make me smile and being happy made everything in the world seem easier to face. But I still had occasional bad days every couple of months. And they have been getting worse every time. I would have days that I wake up and I can't stop crying. All day. The next day I'm fine again. I have moved between jobs, thinking my job is to stressful. Because everything else is so perfect. But I have been down and crying for 5 days straight. I feel like my heart is about to jump out my chest. I know I had a stressful couple of months lately but I had a bust of Emotions and my partner was the one with me so everything was directed onto. Who didn't deserve it. I struggle to try explain it but I can't. No one understands. I got so desperate that I went to the emergency at a hospital to seek help, but I didn't want to be pumped full of pills. I want to fix the problem, find the root. Not just take a couple of pills and hope for the best. The people I'm closest to deserve better. Where do I start. What do I do now. My medical aid does not pay for me to see someone. I can't afford it. Please help