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Sexual Addict


Ask the Therapist
Feb 11 2012, 20:23
  • Hi guys, I am new here. I have been dating a girl for quite awhile now but I have always found myself into porn and masturbation. Sometimes I find myself masturbating 3-4 times a day, and constantly looking at porn. Any time I am hit on by a women which seems to be quite a bit, I always see it through to the end. I have always got many many escorts to satisfy my needs. I hate this. I want to stop so bad but I don't know how. I've tried but I don't have the willpower. I dunno what to do. Please help.
  • CC5H&U Newbie

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    Aug 3 2015, 18:10
    New here as well. I think I may be a sex addict. I cheated on my girlfriend of 6 months with a woman I knew back in college. I did't have sex with her, but I tried to and slept in a hotel room with this woman. I was so ashamed of it and I didn't know how to tell my girlfriend that I had an urge to have sex with this other woman for no other reason than to have an orgasm. My girlfriend and I are taking a break while I try to figure out my issues. I hope this forum can help.