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love addict?


Ask the Therapist
Jan 24 2012, 14:19
  • aweshome Contributor

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    I am not sure if I am a love addict but I have looked and I think I fit a lot of the criteria lol. I have been involved in many negative relationships. When I fall for someone I tend to ignore traits in them that could potentially hurt me or are presently hurting me, I settle. I don't know if it is that I don't want to be alone or I am addicted to having a closeness with a man. One of my relationships started because the guy was basically obsessed with me and even though I had a bad feeling about him I ignored it and went out with him, later on he became verbally abusive and I found myself drinking all the time to tolerate being around him. I became numb to the situation and didn't even care anymore, finally one day when he was screaming in my face I ended the relationship. I got out of that situation but even since then I have found myself settling for someone I know is not good enough for me. The last guy I dated I slept with him many times when it was during a time that I had decided to abstain from sex because I had found the Lord, I sacrificed myself, my values, and my feelings and needs for another person. I find myself in that kind of pattern all the time not holding up my boundaries and I guess I need help to stop doing that and also I am constantly uncomfortable when I am single, I want to change how I behave so I guess im putting myself out there to see if anyone can help guide me, thank you.