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Help our relationship is in trouble


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Aug 11 2011, 15:45
  • siamese Newbie

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    He has joined the imvu chat rooms role playing and believes that the people in the rooms are the actual actors from the movie like harry potter and twilight. I have searched the internet to actually find out if this is true or not. He thinks that he can make big connections with these people. He gets up for any reason in the middle of the night and will play until he goes to work around 2 pm in the afternoon. About 99% of the time he will stay there and forget about the real world. I went to him to ask him a question which he answered in complete terms and went back to his game. I asked him again in 10 minutes if he was going to do what I had asked him to do. He then came to me and never even remembered what the question was at all. I have been noticing he is ignoring me lately. He was so afraid of going to work today that I would uninstall imvu and block it completely or ask for new password like his account was hacked. H pretty much told me if I did anything to his account he would leave me temporarily which I then asked him why only temporarily and he wouldn't answer me. What am I supposed to do?