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In a Bad place right now


Ask the Therapist
Oct 29 2013, 07:20
  • Tim Ruymen Newbie

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    Hi. Well I have a problem with drinking. I work every weekend and never get to go out with my friends. I drink on a Monday or Wednesday because those are my days off. But the problem with that is that I am home alone most of those days. I drink to cope with stress at work and I guess from being lonely. I am an upbeat person and I don't feel like I am depressed. My wife is such a great person and I don't want to hurt her of make her feel worried about me. I try to be the ROCK of the relationship and do everything for her so she doesn't have to. She is also 2 months pregnant and I don't want to have her stress about me. What should I do?


  • xena0025 Insightful User

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    Oct 30 2013, 05:05
    Tim, What makes you feel that your drinking is a problem? Why are you lonely if you have a wife? You should talk to your wife about it. Maybe the two of you can find a solution together. You should not keep anything from your wife if you respect her. Not saying something is the same as lying. I am sure your wife is adult enough to talk to if she is carrying your baby.
    Also, if you are drinking because you are stressed , try taking a walk or doing some exercise to relieve your stress. You could still enjoy a drink or two. There is nothing wrong with that.