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My Abuse, Confusion, and Personal Desires


Ask the Therapist
Jan 24 2013, 23:37
  • Lacrosse Newbie

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    Hello Im Tyler and I deed help with figuring my mind out. First off I have ADHD and have depression (associated with the ADHD) Im on Vyvanse 70mg (ADHD med) and Celexa 20mg. I have just started to abuse old 10mg rittlin IR tablets by snorting. I do this when I feel like shit at night. However my mom thinks I am slightly autistic but I know its something more. Im not a violent person (I also love the enviornment) Im in AP physics and Im artistic but I think about how to get away with a killing and running from the police. I read the laws so I can take advantage of them. I just ordered cannabis seeds to grow. Im going to get my gun licince this summer and keep a gun in the house without telling my parents. I dont feel normal. I know how to turn asemiautomatic AK 47 into an automatic. I have never abused drugs that werent perscribed to me but I going to grow cannabis. I dont know whats scocably appropriate yet I can allways notice when someone is upset. My twin brother doesnt have any of the problems going on in his head just the physical stuff. I have so many problems. please help me if you can but I doubt it. oh and by the way Im into sports and I do school activities like the fasion show and powderPuff. -im not gay- so what wrong with me arrrrrrrr