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The feeling of SEX


Ask the Therapist
Oct 16 2012, 18:11
  • MzBluee Newbie

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    hello everyone, i am a new member and i have been going threw alot with my sexual behavior. i do have a wonderful boyfriend who supports me threw everything but i feel its not enough. i love the feeling of being pleased by different people. Yes i have been faithful the whole relationship but it is hard not to think about other males and even females in a sexual way. when i was younger id watched porn and masterbated but it didnt satisfy me. so i would go and find a guy friend of mine and fuck them. I have ruined all of my friendships due to my ADDICTION of intercorse! Now i only have one friend and sexual partner but i still wish for more. How would i be able to get it out of my system without having intercorse with anyone other than my man?

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    Oct 16 2012, 18:31
    some people are not very monogamous. one route might be accepting it and finding a partner who accepts it as well. there are dating sites that cater to this sort of thing. one resource might be Dan Savage's column in the magazine The Stranger. It is available online. He is a sex therapist who writes and advice column. If you go to the website, it is searchable and you can read about monogamy, non-monogamy, poly-amorous people and even cuckolding there, which might interest you. Good Luck. Susie Bright is a wonderful sex writer too.

    Ginny- not a therapist, a volunteer moderator

    P.S. I have heard one difference between people who just like to sleep around and people who are addicted to it is, the addicts don't actually get much out of it; they just feel compelled to keep trying anyway. I'm not convinced you're an addict. You may find it beneficial to read more about real sexual addiction and hypersexuality- good sites might be The National Institutes of mental health, Mayo Clinic or maybe Sex and Love Addicts anonymous. Remember, any idiot cn set up a web site, so read critically.