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Just want to eat and eat and eat


Ask the Therapist
Oct 15 2010, 21:00
  • Jennyren Newbie

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    All I can think about is food. I feel so much pressure and weight on my chest and shoulders and I am beginning to think I am going to lose control over myself. I need to lose the weight I can’t eat but everything is looking so yummy. I recently have been told I have an addictive personality and have been binging and purging since I was 15 years old. What can do to level out these cravings??? I just want to eat and eat and eat but I know I’ll only put on more weight..
  • Oct 19 2010, 11:26
    Have you seen s nutritionist to help you maintain a healthy diet? Or try talking a nice long walk outside this may help you get your mind off your stomach. I hope you can find a happy medium between food and maintaining a healthy weight. Do you see or talk to a therapist?