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why can't I stop...


Ask the Therapist
Aug 3 2012, 03:46
  • I have tried stopping myself literally hundreds of times and I just can't seem to bring myself to control it so I feel like advice from past/present sufferers and/or psychotherapists could really help me out here. I'm at a desperate time, so here's it is: I am addicted to porn, and I cannot watch porn without masturbating. I cannot start masturbating because once I start masturbating, I can't bring myself to stop until I achieve orgasm. This terrible addiction has ruined my life, driving away the love of my life because I can't become sexually aroused around her because of how "desensitized" I've become to the actual act of sex with her. She's left me and I couldn't blame her for it. I just desperately want advice on how to help keep me away from porn because I feel that this addiction will ruin any future relationship I could have with another woman... I'm a broken man... Please, help me.