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May 22 2012, 07:52
  • Skyline Newbie

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    This support group is for people who have dealt with a parent or parents being addicts a/o alcoholics.
  • Skyline Newbie

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    May 22 2012, 08:04
    I have been dealing with my parents being drug addicts ever since I was little. My father eventually cleaned up his act but my mother didn't. She's the one I have more difficulty dealing with because she used to be my best friend and i used to be so proud of her. Now i'm embarassed and I always tried to ignore and avoid her. She moved into this man's house who she supposedly fell in love with but this guy does also do drugs. He used to get high, paranoid and beat/hit my mom because he would think that she was cheating. To watch this... It made me die inside... I became depressed because there was nothing that I could do to help.. I became angry and also have always bottled up my feelings.. I'm embarassed that I have a mom who's an addict.
    I never talk about her with my friends.. My mom used to be a very popular woman back in her days and people/older people have a habit here of always asking you who your parents are. I always fear that question because the chance of them knowing who my parents are is just... I can't deal with it... And indeed most times people do know who my parents are because my father is also very popular till this day.. I always felt alone in this.. Since I don't have a sibling really.. Is there anyone out there who's also going through something similar?