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Abusing alcohol - Am I an alcoholic!


Ask the Therapist
May 19 2012, 11:22
  • emuno031 Newbie

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    I went through a dramatic situation on February 2012 that sent me into a psychiatric ward. I came back home to my family to have people surrounding me and try to get back to my feet. The reason why I went to that ward was because I abused alcohol and sleeping spills, I over dosed. This was not intentional of course. After this, I was put on anti-depressants and anxiety medicine.
    Being home is not easy being I left whatever I acquire from School and work next to my life again.
    Yesterday I decided to drink 3 glasses of wine during a lunch, and I was irresponsible enough to drive home that way and well of course my parents saw that. I as an excuse to cover myself, denied the situation and well, for that reason I realized that I can't control my intake on alcohol. I could have hurt somebody and even myself.
    I'm starting to feel depressed because why am I going back to that world of alcohol abuse. Am I an alcoholic? Can I go back to my normal life? I am so hurt by myself and I can't stop helping in thinking negative and now I am more than ever afraid for myself, because I can be motivated and strong for many decisions in stopping stuff, but I can't seem to take a grip on drinking. Am I in denial? Am I truly and alcoholic?
    I drink as recreational now, not like from before which was alone in my apartment. It seems I can't drink overall.

    How strong can I be to stop drinking for 1 month and prove my body or myself or explore the answer I am so afraid of?
  • Apr 26 2013, 20:39
    You should be proud of yourself for recognizing that you have a problem. Try making a list of the pros and cons of drinking or about the good vs bad things alcohol has brought into your life. A person struggling with alcoholism will easily manipulate themselves into justifying and minimizing their drinking. Meeting are helpful to some or getting involved in community events or volunteering. Anything to avoid idle hands and keep your mind busy. If your family is supportive, try reaching out for help when you have the impulse to drink before you give in. The impulse will pass, so reaching out can save you from yourself.
    Sometimes, when people stop drinking it feels like they are losing something, but make sure you don't glamorize the glory days of drinking. Focus on how drinking is messing up your life- you are gaining so much by stopping.

    My brother is an alcoholic and he went to the psych hospital 4 times and did an outpatient alcohol program. He still has never admitted to being an alcoholic and recently tried to prove to the wold that he can handle it, but it was a disaster for him and our family. Usually, at first he can handle it- a beer here and there. He will promise himself just 2 drinks and then eventually he is drunk and in the middle of some kind of reckless situation.
  • nacole Newbie

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    Jun 20 2013, 19:47
    I can totally agree with you. I began drinking at a very young age and I began to hang around people that were old enough to supply me with alcohol. At the time it wasn't so much of a problem because I had just started but I didn't realize that I had a problem until I got into an abusive relationship years later and began to drink more and more to cope with my situation. I was drinking until I would blackout and not remember what I had done that next day. I recently joined an AA program. I was so in denial because I didn't think that I could allow myself to get to this point. But I knew that I had to do something before I lost everything like some of my peers in AA. I'm still in AA and it very hard because I'm still new to living life and dealing with situations without having a drink to make things better. Its a long road but I'm praying for strength to overcome this addiction.
  • SoccerGirl Newbie

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    Dec 19 2015, 15:02
    I am a recovering alcoholic and have managed to stay sober for 6 and a half years so far. It has not been an easy journey and every day is a struggle, especially on the bad days where "normal" people go home and have a drink to destress and relax. The fact that i am single, live on my own and take antidepressants makes me feel useless at this time of the year.
    My motto that i have taken towards alcohol has been to ask myself "Will having a drink change this?" By this i mean, will it change the situation i am in? Will having a drink suddenly find me a man who loves me? Will having a drink make me a happier person?
    The answer i have got for all of these questions has been a resounding NO! I do not have any answers yet but ido know that i can make it through a day without drinking and that, if i do drink, i will end up hurting people like i did in the past!!!