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May 13 2018, 14:11
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    I have a problem with others not considering me. How can I have others consider me and what I really need? I need to fast to be free of a sin and people try to prevent me from doing so. What can I do to not let them pull me down with them? What can I do to better myself in this situation, where others are using words or actions to prevent me from lovng myself without food and fluid consumptions at proper times to do so? How can I not let them prevent me from living myself and caring for myself with fasting without food and fluid consumption for a short time?
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    May 15 2018, 21:18
    I don’t have any real support about staying away from gluttony and staying away from abusing food by eating it at wrong times. I try to tell someone and they tell me unwise things like eat and drink water. That doesn’t work and they just don’t care. Or they try to ruin my fast with words and no caring actions. I know I should stop and yet I continue to do what I shouldn’t. I really don’t want to and when I stopped people abused me and victimized me to stay stuck in sins of over indulgences. It’s not really funny to me. I don’t like how I put an effort in and people make me a victim to stay stuck in an eating disorder of gluttony habits of excessive consumptions of foods and fluids. They don’t teach the moral lessons about why indulging is bad. Then the medical field don’t help much either because they use secular methods that don’t work like eating more to be free of indulgences or medications of human made origins to make people hunger again or they try to have you gain weight to solve the problem except that doesn’t work for people with no appetite. You can’t just make people fat to overcome gluttony because that way doesn’t work.