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how to help a daughter in a relationship 11 years that found proof father has been sexually abuseing granddaughter since birth .both have been mentally abused


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Mar 29 2016, 09:45
  • losermom Newbie

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    My 16year toold daughter against every effort got with my 32 year old cousin. She was warned b. she y a female cousin he had touched her in wrong places for wrong reasons, I also told her of an unnerving event that happened, others also. still she chose to throw her grant and everyones advise away and runaway with him. unknown to her while he worked overseas he had a sick interest in children.four years later after two seperations and getting back together. she has a baby girl he isn't going back to work but she is. she seemed to not have any interest with the child later found out he would not allow the two loving to each other without saying things like quit giving my love to her,ect.She started working more and more and spending less and less time at home and even then no time with her daughter. even when working as a stripper and away from home her only concern was how much she missed her man. not ever her daughter. he made sure to make her feel in competition with her 5 yr old daughter. she enabled him ,belived nothing told her ,had to find sex elsewhere, even moved out of her fathers house they had lived in for 5 yrs rent free;but never had any money.especially for the child. now that she has left him yet talks with him everyday and night ,asks like its the babys fault,being just as mentally and physically abusive to her as he was. destroying and relationship ouyside herself, to the point this seven year old has nerve problems, can no longer talk to anyone without the mother questioning her till she can get some reason to make her feel she did something wrong and no longer able to talk to anyone,how can I make her get the counciling she needs?