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My Past


Ask the Therapist
Mar 6 2015, 21:20
  • Lynn Newbie

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    My past is finally catching up to me! I was abused as a child/teen and during that time I never hurt. I was numb and I had no feelings but now that I am older old feeling are now becoming a part of my everyday routine. My husband worries about me - but I can't talk to him about this. It's too much for me to pass my burden, my hurt, my pain on to him. But it is beginning to effect my relationship with him. Both emotionally and sexually. Things are in jeopardy. I try to hide the pain but he knows. He can sense it. Some days I cry for no reason. I sit and stare into space hoping that God will offer some explanation as to why this happened to me. But nothing. I am still in the dark. I need help. i feel weird being on a site like this looking for help. but I am desparate.