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PTSD Dissociation and Holiday Blues


Ask the Therapist
Nov 28 2013, 23:18
  • Shea B Newbie

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    My name is Shea and I am new to the group. I am struggling with my PTSD symptoms especially around the holidays and could use some empathy. I just started EMDR and it has made me extra emotional. Heres a little background. I am 21. I was emotionally and spiritually abused by my legalistic parents growing up and then raped for six months in my first marriage before I left him earlier this year.

    Ive had depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and OCD voices in my head due to trauma for years but this year has been the hardest. Ive been homeless this year and have a hard time keeping a job for several years. I am trying to get a better job and finish my Associates degree but it is so hard for me to remember information as I dissociate so much.

    I feel like it will never get better especially if I work in a harder job fulltime next semester. I have no friends here, I am so shy. And my fiance and I are in counseling because of all of our issues. Its so hard when we are both struggling at the same time and so depressed. Who can relate?